Seeing things as they are

Since I have been paying attention to the smaller things going for a walk outside has become a joy, regardless of the weather, purpose or destination. I have discovered hidden beauty in what ordinarily I would not have given a second glance.

Where did this come from? I know eyes will begin to roll when I say this but – here goes! Meditation – there I said it! It has allowed me to have (cue even more extravagent¬† eye rolling) a mindfulness, about my sorroundings. Whereas previously I would wander around in a daze, thinking about the past or the future, my mind jumping around, now I am more likely to be paying attention. It has allowed me to focus on the present moment, to what is in front, below or above me . Some days are better than others, its a curious thing but when my mind is unfocused, scrambling around, even when I want to take photographs nothing can be found. On days when I am in “the zone” I cannot keep up with the unfolding beauty of everyday things.


Ok, ok perhaps I am exagerrating, ok, ok, I am exagerrating – however there is some truth in this and that is, in itself, remarkable enough. One of the tricks is to forget the name of objects, just see them as interesting forms, incredible colour formations, beautiful, shocking or just downright perplexing.

So, now going out is an adventure, every day is different, each route, even the same old one taken every day changes, as the objects change, as the weather changes as my own perspective and mood changes.

All photos taken on my Samsung smartphone.

You can see my finds on my Flickr page

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