I thought I was beyond caring about landmark birthdays but, somehow, the mid-century has been nagging at, and pressing heavily on, me. There is something about being past mid life that focuses attention on the remainder, particularly as a chunk of it might be spent from a wheelchair or in a dementia ward.

It is only since I turned 50 that I have written on a regular basis.

My father inspired me to write – he keeps weather journals, allotment journals, daily diaries and lord knows what other journals. There are tottering towers of them in his bedroom.  He also writes short stories, of which I am his biggest fan.

So ,stock taking seems to be the order of the day. What have I got, what do I want to keep, what to throw away, what new stock to buy…….?

The blog entries represent a plundering of the past three years journal entries. Looking back at them has been a thought provoking exercise. I have been struck by a theme that runs through all of them – exploration.   I try to continue to explore in order to better understand, appreciate and learn how best to relate to this spinning ball on which we live.